Friday, May 27, 2011

That's a pit?


That's my friend Daisy's dog. When she was a puppy about 7 years ago she wandered into the East New Orleans Library where we both worked. SPCA was pretty sure she had escaped from a pit bull breeder so Daisy adopted her.

During her first two years, I spent a great deal of time with Susie. I used to go on walks with them around their LGD neighborhood where the local kids were always impressed striking up numerous conversations by asking us "That's a pit?" Daisy and Susie both moved to California after the flood.

We were never sure what Susie's exact lineage was but she was pit enough for our purposes anyway. Susie was very friendly and loved to bite things affectionately... although also quite painfully. She loved people, cats, sticks, ice cubes, tennis balls... if it was a thing in the world, Susie loved it and wanted to demonstrate her love by crushing that thing in her enthusiastic jaws. Once she tore up the wooden floorboards in Daisy's apartment just out of boredom. I still own articles of clothing frayed by her teeth.

Today I learned she has cancer. I've been looking around the remnants of Daisy's old NOLA era blog for Susie stories. Daisy wrote something about Susie almost every day back then. This was a pretty good day.

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