Friday, May 13, 2011

Failure to read my own blog

Blogger must have had to wipe out the most recent posts in order to fix whatever the problem was. I don't actually remember what they said so I'm not putting them back. I did have a longish draft that I'm not happy about losing but oh well.

Meanwhile, lookout below.

Update: Oh shit. There was all sorts of Meffert stuff as well as Jackie Clarkson threatening to sink ships on the river. Dammit. Way to wipe out a fun week in New Orleans, Blogger.

One more thing. I did notice that AZ had a funny and long commentary on the Meffert trial up yesterday. I hope he preserved it somewhere so it can be restored.

Update: Thanks to Bullet's Google reader, we've managed to restore the all-important Jackie post. See below.

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