Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of course, there are always "other places to get shrimp"

Just not here this year.

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In an e-mail response to concerns raised by Young and Council Chairman Chris Roberts, Feinberg said he is considering "some compromise options" to keep the offices open one day per week or having a special "claims day" every few weeks. "I am sensitive to your concerns and will propose some approach to deal with those remaining claimants who, more than a year after the spill, are still filing claims and seeking information," Feinberg wrote. "This is simply a numbers problem along with considerations of alternative claim sites and efficiency."

Young and Roberts said they want both offices to remain open five days a week with reduced staffing through the summer.

Roberts said many commercial fishers waited until the shrimp season was underway before deciding whether to file additional claims.

"I find it a little ironic that just as the shrimp season has opened, they're looking at closing their claims office," he said. "I don't think BP is trying to make it right as much as they are trying to run from their obligations."

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