Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do rail cars actually "screech"?

NOLA.com headline says, "St. Charles streetcar track renovation comes to screeching halt" Now I associate "screeching halt" with the sound the rubber tires on my Tercel make sometimes just after I look up from tweeting while driving. Which, by the way, is something I'm not allowed to do while Menckles is in the passenger seat. Which, in turn, is probably the only reason I was paying enough attention last night to notice these temporary fences on Carrollton Ave.
Shortly after crews arrived along the Carrollton Avenue segment of the line to erect temporary fences, remove sod and dump gravel, Augustine said, company officials "started making excuses, giving us multiple reasons why they couldn't proceed."

After several failed efforts to restart construction, he said, the RTA received an April 28 letter from Smith Railway seeking to void the agreement.

Augustine, who said the RTA has not paid the company "one red cent," has since notified Smith Railway that the company is in breach of its contract.
So just last night I was wondering about the progress of this track replacement project. Neat the way stuff just pops up like that sometimes. Can't wait to find out what this is about.

Oh and last night we were on our way to Panchita's for dinner which was freaking amazing so shame on everybody who let me go this long without trying that.

Update: For further evidence that shit I happen to be wondering about ends up being in tune with the news zeitgeist, pick up a Gambit this week for a review of Panchita's.

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