Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uh oh, there'll be no UGNO

On balance I'd have to say I was opposed to the UNO-SUNO merger although I'll grant that I can understand some of the theoretical arguments in favor of it. It's possible that it could raise the value of a SUNO degree. I understand that UNO might like to be out from under the LSU system.

But I doubt those benefits would have been best realized under this plan which always looked to me like an overall divestiture of resources from higher education in New Orleans. I am very much in favor of anything that makes as much university education as is desired available and affordable to anyone who wants it. Sounds pretty straightforward but, believe it or not, not everyone agrees with me there. Certainly not Bobby Jindal who was a big supporter of the merger which ought to tell you enough about its merits right there.

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