Wednesday, May 04, 2011

People. In a Gumbo. Having a party, perhaps?

From a press release sent out by the city this afternoon:
New Orleans is a city of diversity creating a gumbo of people from all walks of life who live, work, and play together thanks to the tireless efforts of those who fought for equality.

Okay, yes, of course, yay for "those who fought for equality" and the whole spirit of the press release and all but, good Christ do these hacks even have any capacity for regret regarding the trite crap they throw around? Maybe they all secretly think they're Treme scriptwriters. Hell, maybe they actually are Treme scriptwriters (although perhaps this constitutes a conflict of interest these days)

Unless.. oh my God has anyone checked Leah Chase's famous (Soilent) Green Gumbo lately?


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