Thursday, November 05, 2015


As the rent gets too damn high in the suddenly fashionable city, we're eventually gonna have to all go live in the burbs. But first we have to figure out which burb is best for you. So everybody stand by to be sorted.
A Metairie landlord accused of discriminating against African American renters and using racial slurs to describe them was ordered Thursday (Nov. 5) to pay more than $172,000 in damages. One of the firm's operators also agreed, as part of a settlement to end litigation, never again to work in the real estate industry.
It's going to keep happening.  Not every landlord is dumb enough to leave a paper trail. 
Four months later, Denise Thornton received at her workplace an anonymous letter that contained Brion Ebey's list of prospective renters. The list contained the names of the Thorntons as well as many of the Fair Housing Center's undercover testers. Next to the names of the African American people, including the Thorntons, Ebey wrote racial slurs and "puta," the Spanish word for "whore."

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