Monday, November 23, 2015

Bipartisan signage

Y'all might have noticed these popping up around town during the campaign's final week.

Republicans for JBE

I don't know who printed these. One assumes the campaign did but it could also have been one of the PACs. Here is an interview with GumboPAC's Trey Ourso discussing his organization's role in the election this year. 
NOLA.com: What ads did you produce that you thought were most successful?

Ourso: Looking back on it, the ad that really helped a lot was the one with (Republican primary candidates Jay) Dardenne and (Scott) Angelle where we took the clips of him from the debates. If you look at all of our commercials, we were speaking to the Angelle-Dardenne supporters. We weren't necessarily trying to appeal to the Vitter supporters, nor did we have to persuade the Edwards supporters. We knew if we could get a high percentage of Dardenne-Angelle supporters, we'd be in good shape.

That particular commercial, I think we launched it the Tuesday after the primary -- so about four days later -- I think in our mind it froze the race. It gave those folks who had voted for either Scott Angelle or Jay Dardenne a moment's pause to remember why they didn't vote for David Vitter and also give them permission not to vote for him" in the runoff election.
Clearly that appeal was effective.  Angelle's obvious antipathy toward Vitter plus Darenne's official endorsement plus just the runaway results of the election themselves demonstrate that there clearly were a large number of "Republicans for Edwards" in this election.

I'm less certain about these "Democrats for Landry" though.

Democrats for Landry

It's hard to imagine a whole lot of people who still call themselves Democrats in Louisiana getting behind a Tea Party type for Attorney General.  At least we know where the signs came from.

Paid for by Landry for Louisiana

That's the Landry campaign.  You can put just about any affiliation you would like on a sign. Once upon a time down-ticket candidates even tried to fool you into associating them with President Obama. Like, on purpose, they would do this. Seems like forever ago now.


Update: Regarding "Democrats for Landry" I was just informed/reminded by the tweeters of a few interesting points. Democratic also-ran Geri Baloney endoresed Landry during the runoff.
Baloney told the Press Club of Baton Rouge that she’s backing Landry because he wants to change the way the Attorney General’s Office does business.

“I truly believe that Louisiana cannot take another (four) years of Buddy Caldwell’s bad practices and policies,” she said.

“Geri and I both know the Attorney General’s Office under Buddy Caldwell has been about rewarding the desires of a few, over the needs of the many,” Landry said.
Uh huh.  Somebody's needs were met, anyway.

Also these sometime Democratic-aligned ministers
NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Ministerial Alliance expressed its support for Jeff Landry for Louisiana Attorney General by issuing the following statement:

 “After reflecting on Buddy Caldwell's record over his past two terms as Attorney General, it is abundantly clear that his tenure has not, is not, and will not be in the best interest of the African-American community. He has done nothing to eliminate the school to prison pipeline. He has done nothing to protect disadvantaged businesses from scams or fraud. He has done nothing to uplift the least among us.
Prominent among these ministers voicing concern for the underprivileged here.. our old friend Leonard Lucas.  

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