Monday, November 16, 2015

Missed tackle

Rob Ryan Has Left The Building

The fugitive is still at large... and we do mean large.
Rob Ryan is still a member of the New Orleans Saints' staff, coach Sean Payton said Monday morning amid a report that the embattled defensive coordinator would be fired.

Payton said Ryan "absolutely" was still a part of the coaching staff and that Ryan's future, along with any other team evaluations, hadn't yet been discussed with GM Mickey Loomis. Payton said he will meet with Loomis later Monday and again Tuesday to assess the team and his staff.
Oh boy this is fun.  Probably waiting on the results of the now standard mental competency hearing. 

Update: Ok it's official now.  Hard to say exactly what the hold up was although Payton just being a jerk and trolling the press is a stronger possibility than you might think. 

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