Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nobody owns the sun

Which is why Entergy doesn't want to buy it from you anymore.
Plaisance wrote that Entergy Louisiana customers would still be able to hook new solar panel systems into the grid, but they would no longer receive full credit for each unit of electricity they provide. From now on, the utility will only provide credit for the average cost it would have paid if it produced the energy on its own or had to buy it wholesale, plus a little extra for line losses during transmission and daytime production, Plaisance wrote.

“We realize there’s value that solar power customers provide in producing excess power for us,” said Kacee Kirschvink, spokeswoman for Entergy Louisiana. “So beginning January 1 we will continue to accept solar customers, but they will not be getting the retail rate as credit.”

That’s because Entergy believes net-metering is unfair to customers who don’t have solar.

“When the sun isn’t shining, solar customers have access to the grid as well,” Kirschvink said. “We want to make sure there’s no undue burden on customers that don’t have net-metering and can’t afford net-metering.”
Of course what Entergy's costs would have been without solar and what the fair distribution of power to the grid actually is is all determined by Entergy... and, I guess, the PSC.. although that is something of a joke. 

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