Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Night Debateball

GOP Muppet Babies at 6

Governors at 7

GOP big boys at 8

Please drink responsibly.

Also, hey, it was nice of Newell to drop in with some stuff to say this afternoon just a few hours before Vitter and John Bel go to work. 
Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said Tuesday that the investigation surrounding the incident at a Metairie Road coffee shop that involved private investigator Robert Frenzel continues.

Normand said in the press conference that a recording on Frenzel's phone showed an individual who was a potential witness to discredit former prostitute Wendy Ellis, also known as Wendy Cortez. The video, Normand said, shows Vitter's private investigator telling a woman that the goal was to keep the mainstream media "neutered" on the prostitution story.
I thought we were all in agreement that Vitter was the one in need of a neutering here.  Well, anyway, he appears to be in the middle of getting one... politically anyway.

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