Tuesday, November 24, 2015

After Les, years and years in the wilderness

With Les, LSU has a fantastic recruiter but demonstrably terrible coach who is at least nice to the kids who play for him.  By firing Les all you do for certain is lose the fantastic recruiter part of that equation.
University Lab standout and nation's no. 1 prospect in 2017 Dylan Moses spoke candidly with SEC Country's Chris Kirschner, via message, and that message could not have been more clear; he does not like what is happening to Les Miles.

The recent LSU decommitment is very familiar with Miles, after playing with his son Manny at University during his freshman and sophomore seasons. Moses told the site that Les Miles is "like a family friend" and that he "personally thinks it's wrong" that Miles is in jeopardy of losing his job right now.
Recruiting is about 90% of what it takes to succeed in college football. Les has been bad a lot of things but you can't say he hasn't been successful.  After he's gone, who knows?

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