Sunday, November 15, 2015

How much time?

Curious quote from Rob Ryan this morning.
Rob Ryan has seen the stats.

He knows this team has a historically poor passer rating against and that things have been mathematically worse than they were a year ago. Yet he still believes this team has been better this season, and he still believes things will only get better.

He says people just need to be patient.

It takes time to master it all,” he said. “We haven’t done a great job yet. We know what we’re playing, we’re focusing in and we need to play it better. We’ve got the right players, and it is all going to come together here pretty soon.”
This is Week 10.  How much time are we talking about here?  Because, obviously, today wasn't the day they mastered it.  When will that be, do you reckon?

We've noted at several points throughout the year that the Saints appear to have approached 2015 like one long preseason.  They've played a lot of rookies at key spots... especially on defense. They've barely figured out how to use CJ Spiller, their primary offseason acquisition. They never really decided who they wanted to be the kicker.  Today, they were rotating guards Senio Kelemete and Tim Lelito every few series as though the two were still in camp competing for a starting job.

IF Sean Payton expects to be back next year (and the rumors constantly indicate that he may not) then it's plausible that the plan might be to spend this season evaluating talent and then finish the two year rebuild for 2016.  Peat will be ready to start at right tackle. They'll find at least one serviceable guard and bring in some NFL quality receivers. And next year the decent looking rookies on defense (Kikaha, Anthony.. Swann if he's still alive) will be ready to compete for real.  Or so the thinking goes.

But there's nothing in any of that which would guarantee Rob Ryan will be around to see it finally come together.  In fact, that might specifically be the opposite of what the plan was all along.

Rob Ryan Has Left The Building

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