Monday, November 09, 2015


I know this happened last week, but I really wanted to flag this unhappy letter written by Roger Villere and Reince Priebus about the Dardenne endorsement.
But Priebus and Villere sent Dardenne a tersely-worded letter.

“You cannot claim to be a conservative fighter for Louisiana principles and publically (sic) endorse an Obama liberal like Mr. Edwards,” they wrote in the joint letter.

Villere, in a separate statement, compared Dardenne to Saban’s betrayal of LSU. LSU and Alabama face each other on the football field Saturday.

“After decades of using the Republican Party and its members for his benefit, Jay has decided to end his political career by supporting a candidate who opposes every public policy position that he once espoused,” he said. “It is sad that Jay allowed his personal feelings to cause him to betray his party and state.”
It's difficult to conceive of Dardenne as Saban given the former's 4th place finish in the primary vs the latter's dominating performance on Saturday night.

It's even a further stretch, though, to even ponder what the phrase "Obama liberal" might even mean. The President's record as a corporate-friendly moderate on domestic economic matters and as a virtual neo-con in all aspects of his foreign policy stands for itself.   Consider that along with Stephanie Grace's description here of what a John Bel Edwards administration might actually look like, and we begin to suspect the phrase "Obama liberal" actually means "not very liberal moderate guy."  At least it does for people who live in the fact-based universe. But, remember, we are talking about Republican Party chairmen here which is a different matter entirely. 

For instance, despite their best effort, Villere and Priebus fail to match the full fury of crazy unleashed here by St. Tammany Parish GOP Executive Committee Chair Peter Egan who compares Dardenne's endorsement to "a jilted man firing indiscriminately at his ex-wife’s car." Oh well. Odds are more Republicans will stab the party in the back and endorse Edwards before this is over so if Villere and Priebus want to try again, they can.  Come stronger with the take, though.

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