Monday, November 09, 2015

"Newly formed group..."

Recently on WWLTV
Newly formed group calling for deregulation of short-term rentals

NEW ORLEANS -- The New Orleans City Planning Commission is looking for public comment about short-term rentals. On Tuesday night, a group calling itself America's Future Foundation held its first local chapter meeting dedicated to tackling the issue and deregulating short-term rentals.
Who is this "new formed group," though? WWL doesn't say, for some reason.  Turns out it's a chapter of a right wing think tank. Also not very "newly formed." 
Since 1995, America’s Future Foundation has been the premier nationwide network of liberty-minded young leaders, providing unique opportunities to learn the ideas of liberty and develop the skills necessary to articulate them.
Here's their Advisory Board.

Arthur Brooks, American Enterprise Institute
Michael Gleba, The Sarah Scaife Foundation
Robert Levy, Cato Institute
Roger Ream, Fund for American Studies
Edwin Meese, Heritage Foundation
Edwin Feulner, Heritage Foundation
Gene Meyer, Federalist Society
Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
Ron Robinson, Young America’s Foundation
Chad Thevenot, Institute for Humane Studies
You'd think this information might be relevant. 

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