Saturday, November 07, 2015

Is the Greenway Open Yet Dot Com

N Galvez

Yes. Yes it is open. Keep off the green part, though
City Councilwoman Susan Guidry said she first learned of the project while still in evacuation after Katrina, said it became her first priority after her election and teared up Friday morning as she spoke of “generations of children to come who will be learning to ride their bikes on the Greenway.” The path was not easy, she said — residents are still asked to stay off the unpaved areas until the grass finishes taking root this spring — acknowledging the delays that postponed the project’s grand opening even this year.

“We said this was going to open in the summer,” Guidry said, joking about the unusual heat of a late November morning in New Orleans. “Does it at least feel that way?”
Right, so if you're a casual cyclist, you might want to wait until the hot weather goes away before you visit.  Should be the middle of January sometime.  

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