Monday, November 16, 2015

How now, Sir John

Rob Noir

Nay, sure, he's not in hell: he's in Arthur's bosom, if ever man went to Arthur's bosom - Henry V Act 2 Scene 3

Sorry it didn't work out. But how can you not have been pulling for Rob this whole time? Football coaches are such fastidious, obsessive, self-important jerks for the most part. Rob was... the opposite of that. Perhaps to a fault. And like we said last night, you could see this coming the day Payton hired Dennis Allen. "For oaths are straws, men's faiths are wafer-cakes"

It might be a sign, though, that Payton plans to stick around next year and see this mess through.. for whatever that's worth. But Rob deserved better.  He will be missed.

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