Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Food Fight

Saints players say Atlanta airport workers threw eggs at team bus

These Falcons fans must have gotten a little extra lit after the bonfire tonight or something.  The bar at the downtown Applebees must have made a fortune. Usually the Falcons just lay eggs when the Saints are in town.  In this case they threw them at a bus and actually hit it, apparently.. which rules out Matt Ryan as a suspect. By the same reasoning, since the eggs were not intercepted we're pretty sure Roman Harper was on hand.  In any case, Jeff Duncan has already reported that the bus "has only itself to blame."

As goofy as this is, it does kind of make us regret not getting that Koenen jersey on the Gleason statue  the way we talked about before the last game.  Now there's barely any time left to retaliate. Apart from getting a full bladdered Remi Ayodele to the nearest Falcons logo ASAP, the best thing Saints fans can do at this point is stock up on eggs and keep their eyes open for either this truck.


Or maybe this bus.

 Or we could just wait until tomorrow night when the egg will be on someone else's face. *

*Sorry for that last one. Really, I am.

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