Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GOP 2012 closing musical number

Romney Blames Loss On Obama’s ‘Big Gifts’ To Minorities, Women

According to reports in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, the former Republican nominee said during a call with donors on Wednesday that Obama had been “very generous” in doling out “big gifts” to “the African American community, the Hispanic community and young people” as well as to women throughout his first term. Benefits such as access to “free health care,” guaranteed contraceptive coverage, more affordable student loans, and “amnesty for children of illegals,” all combined to give the president a decisive edge in popularity.

“The President’s campaign focused on giving targeted groups a big gift — so he made a big effort on small things,” Romney said. “Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.”

Paul Ryan: I Didn’t Lose Because Of The Issues, I Lost Because Of The ‘Urban’ Vote 

In his first interview since losing the election, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wouldn’t admit that voters rejected his economic vision and instead chalked up President Obama’s victory to a large turnout of the “urban vote.” “I don’t think we lost it on those budget issues, especially on Medicare, we clearly didn’t lose it on those issues,” Ryan to local station WISC-TV. “I think the surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”


joejoejoe said...

Of the 10 largest US cities not one of them is in a state which was decided by 5% or less in the election. Jacksonville is the largest US city in a swing state. If there was a popular vote, the Obama campaign would have deployed resources to NY, Chicago and California and kicked Romney's ass just as badly.

joejoejoe said...

Note: Obama will have one at least one county in every US state except Oklahoma when Alaska finally pulls their head out of their ass and finishes county their votes. Except for solid red OK, states are not as homogeneous as Ryan and Romney imagine.