Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strange bedfellows

About that thing we mentioned yesterday regarding everybody involved in the Heebe-Letten-Vitter-Perricone-Robinnette business being very closely tied together by their professional, political, and personal associations.  Here, via Slabbed, is what we meant by "personal."
We now know Senator David “Diaper Dave” Vitter was ensnared along with Billy Nungesser and that both guys like their sex kinky.  Vitter of course was the guy who got Judge Kurt Engelhardt on the bench. Engelhardt in a prior life was Vitter’s campaign manager and somewhere along the line it came out the Sinator used his campaign money to indulge his sexual proclivities and that it was Engelhardt that likely wrote the checks.
Engelhardt is the judge now trying to use Perricone, et al as an excuse to  have the Danziger verdict tossed out.

Meanwhile, keeping with the title theme, check out all the money people lining up behind Dana Kaplan.
Notable Kaplan contributions in the most recent reports: $4,000 from developer Sean Cummings ($1,500 before the Nov. 6 primary and $2,500 after); $2,500 from Mayor Mitch Landrieu's election campaign; $2,000 from political strategist and commentator James Carville; $1,000 from Louisiana House Speaker Pro Tem Walt Leger's campaign; and $500 from banker/developer Joseph C. Canizaro.

Update: And now here's more from Moseley on Letten.

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