Monday, November 19, 2012

Gonna be a busy few weeks

Holidays plus work projects plus crashing hard drive could lead to lighter posting than usual here over the next few weeks.

I'd like to post something about the council runoffs if I get the chance.  But for now I can't go too far in depth about it other than point you to AZ with only this comment:

Every suspicion Dambala raises of Ms Kaplan could just as easily apply to Ms Cantrell had the powers that be chosen their horses differently. I expect either candidate will be every bit as amenable to going along to get along with Mitch's increasingly dominant agenda of selling us all out to the hospitality industry regardless of the winner.  Yeah, it's a little depressing.

Meanwhile, Eric Strachan, who owes his career to Jackie Clarkson and Stacy Head, and who ran a stupid and desperate last minute attack on Kaplan during the primary, has endorsed Cantrell. If I had to guess at what's going on here, it's this.  Uptown white yuppies who can be split up between old Peggy Wilson type Carnival aristocrats and  younger professional types who skew a bit more liberal in certain superficial ways.   Team Stacy has been successful at keeping all of those people on the same page as far as local politics are concerned. They probably see Kaplan as a threat to split up their base a little should Head run for mayor next time around.  Best for them to nip that in the bud.

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