Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let the trolls eat

Tolls will remain on the CCC

I have no idea why voters would choose to impose a regressive usage tax on themselves in order to fund the politicos'  unnecessary slush fund but... hey, congratulations.


Charlotte Hamrick said...

Because a ton of these people don't actually cross the bridge and it's a tax many will never or seldom pay. It's no skin off their back -it's only the hicks on the Westbank that will pay. I've decided not to get all verklempt on the unfairnes of this issue strictly to save my blood pressure from rising.

Alan Joseph Williams said...

The technocrats are for it. Transport for NOLA in particular is a pretty straightforward best-practices advocate, and they supported renewing the toll, though I cant find a link to any blog post about it.

I think the hope is that Rep. Connick's intense ire has forced the slush-fund aspect into public light, and that aggressive reform will be the consolation prize for keeping the toll.