Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Congrats to the Nimbys

They've successfully located the "low barrier" homeless shelter away from where anybody will notice it which is, of course, the important thing.
The former Veterans Affairs hospital site in downtown New Orleans has been picked for redevelopment into a new low-barrier homeless shelter in a joint project of the Downtown Development District and the city with financial backing from tourism and convention groups, according to a draft agreement.

The old hospital has been replaced with the new VA medical facility in Mid-City, although a renovated wing of the building still houses a day center for the homeless to access services at 1530 Gravier St.
Congrats, also, on apparently squeezing some money out of the Convention Center to help pay for it. For some reason they have too much control over too much money that really ought to go to the city directly for things like this.  

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