Friday, March 24, 2017

Show em what they've won

I mean, show us all what we've won besides a reprieve for our pretty shitty but not as shitty as their health care system.. at least for another year.  What we've probably won in addition to that is the head of Paul Ryan.
Mr. Trump has told four people close to him that he regrets going along with Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s plan to push a health care overhaul before unveiling a tax cut proposal more politically palatable to Republicans.

He said ruefully this week that he should have done tax reform first when it became clear that the quick-hit health care victory he had hoped for was not going to materialize on Thursday, the seventh anniversary of the act’s passage, when the legislation was scheduled for a vote.
Ideally Trump would have ignored Ryan's "pleading" for permission to pull the bill today. A failed vote might have been enough for the GOP caucus to eat him alive.  But either way, the prognosis isn't good.

Anyway they have to try again at some point. This is one of their single biggest promises for the better part of a decade now.  Otherwise the plan for Republican Congresspersons would be to run against Obamacare again in 2018. Which is a thing they can do, of course, especially if they or some of their state legislatures find one or two piecemeal ways to shitty it up over the next several months. 

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