Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Solicited by whom?

The odds were never very high that Ken Polite would run for mayor. But apparently somebody asked him to.
Polite acknowledged that he'd been solicited for a political run, but denied putting much stock in the idea.

"I tried to be as candid as possible with people about my lack of interest in doing anything like that," he said.

Polite told WWL-TV -- which first reported this week that he wouldn't seek the mayor's office -- that he hasn't ruled out a future in politics. But he said he wouldn't want to launch a campaign for office without the money to remain independent, a virtue that Torres has trumpeted in his own public flirtations with a mayoral bid.
That bit about wanting to "remain independent" is interesting too.  Who was pushing Polite to run? And what did this person or group of people want in return that made him uncomfortable?

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