Tuesday, March 07, 2017

What about us brain dead slobs?

The Six Flags endgame may be at hand. And it is looking pretty darn hilarious. The bidding parties, after having failed multiple times to wear down the IDB on their own, have decided to see what happens if they gang up.
Two developers who have made separate offers to buy the abandoned Six Flags amusement park site in New Orleans East are considering making a joint offer for the property.

Frank Scurlock, the owner of Scurlock Entertainment, said Tuesday that he's been talking with Henry Klein of 30/90 Development about teaming up to try to buy and redevelop the park.

“We are in communication ... and are exploring the possibility,” Scurlock said.

Klein confirmed that it was “highly likely" the two men would present a joint proposal to the Industrial Development Board, the public board that manages the city-owned site.
Let's see, if we take your worthless twice rejected bid and combine it with my worthless, rejected bid, well then, worthless X worthless =....   Hey, you know when you've got one Billy Joe at quarterback and that's not working out so well and you think, OK but what if we had TWO Billy Joes at quarterback!  That's kind of what this is like. 

Also what is Scurlock still doing here? When we last saw him he said he was giving up on Six Flags and taking his Noah's Ark or his Zip Line or whatever (his idea has changed several times) and scooting off to Jefferson Parish never to speak on this again. 

Turns out he was just there to pick up a new friend.
Scurlock has hired former Jefferson Parish President John Young to represent him before the board.

During a board meeting last month, he offered $4.5 million in cash for the property but then said he was pulling the offer after board members declined to consider it on the spot.

At the same meeting, Klein said he’d pay $5.5 million but conceded that he didn’t have all of the money available immediately.
Ok well let's welcome John Young aboard to whatever the new scheme is. We also should emphasize that Klein's proposal at the last meeting was basically just him jumping out of the audience and, on the spot, offering the $5.5 million he didn't have. He also didn't have an actual proposal he could describe in much detail.  
As the board heard from the two groups making purchase offers as listed on the agenda, Henry Klein, an attorney who said he represents 30/90 Development, said his group wants to offer $5.5 million for the property, while giving no details who's involved in the group or their plans for the Six Flags site. Klein left the meeting while it was still ongoing.

IDB member Justin Augustine said people jumping out of the audience to make an offer is "not a professional process" and urged the board to use a more professional method to receive offers. Board members noted that analysis of offers will go beyond the purchase price and include a look at what's being proposed on the site and the financial capacity of the developers.
At the time, that struck us as particularly funny.  We're always on the lookout for monorail salesmen when it comes to land use stuff around here. When we read about Klein's stunt, we went and got the meme out and everything.

Shelbyville idea

But that's kind of a tired gag now, anyway. Surely we aren't still dealing with the sort of people who... oh goddammit. 
If the board chooses him, Scurlock said he plans to open what he called the first phase of his project — essentially a preview of the rides that would eventually be open at the park — on Memorial Day weekend.

That preview would include smaller attractions that would be set up in a parking lot outside the abandoned park’s gates, as well as tram rides that would take visitors on a tour of the soon-to-be constructed park, he said.
Well, okay. Good luck to all involved. The next IDB meeting is March 17. 

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