Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Year Without A Winter

Hope you enjoyed the warmest February ever
If you thought February was a lot warmer than normal in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, you'd be correct.

On Wednesday (March 1), the National Weather Service said the two cities observed their warmest February on record. The average temperature in New Orleans last month was 64.4 degrees, which is the highest temperature recorded in February for the city since weather scientists began record-keeping at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in 1947.

Baton Rouge in February saw an average temperature of 64.5 degrees. This was also the highest temperature Baton Rouge ever recorded for the month since record-keeping began in 1893.
Usually Carnival begins with frostbite during Krewe Du Vieux and ends with heatstroke during Rex. This year it was just hot the whole way through. Great if you like to incorporate a lot of nekkidness into your costume ideas.  Better get used to it, though. 

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