Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When does the book come out?

This FBI agent's allegations about corruption and cronyism permeating the Louisiana criminal justice system from top to bottom are worth taking seriously.  His suggested remedy, on the other hand,  which would involve agents or cops going over the heads of prosecutors to facilitate indictments, probably isn't.  In any case, one does wonder why he would consciously take this step given what he understands about the consequences.
"This letter will anger many powerful people, prosecutors, former prosecutors, defense attorneys, politicians and FBI management," Zummer wrote. "If I am wrong, then urge the Justice Department to prove it. Open up the files and let the American people see for themselves."

"I love fighting corruption in Louisiana," he added. "This is where I belong, but this letter most likely means my time is over here and possibly in the FBI."

Zummer portrayed the letter as a last resort, saying the FBI had gone to extraordinary lengths to silence him.  

"Although this is not the normal procedure to handle this sort of legal issue, the FBI's conduct has left me no choice," the agent wrote. "The victims, witnesses and investigative team should know, and they deserve to have the public know, why this plea agreement (with Morel) was made."
Unless he's got a book deal in the works.  That's got to be it, right?

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