Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Kern World Amusement District

Kern Command Center

So now we know that, in addition to the bouncy house, they also want to put in a golf ride of some sort
NEW ORLEANS – A few months after a group of local investors bought the former Times-Picayune building, neighbors are learning what is planned for the site.

According to a letter mailed to nearby businesses and residences, Dallas-based Topgolf has plans to build its latest location on the property at 3800 Howard Ave., along Interstate 10.

Topgolf if a driving range that caters to families.

But instead of just sending balls soaring, Topgolf is a game in which players aim for 11 giant dartboard-like targets on a 215-yard-long field. Microchipped balls provide instant feedback to players who tee off from climate-controlled hitting bays.

A restaurant and bar would be included on the site, according to the letter sent to neighbors.
Where your newspaper once lived, let's build an adult Chuck-E-Cheese. Sure, why not? At this point, that makes more sense than anything.  At least we're getting a clearer idea of what the vision for Kern World was.

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