Friday, March 10, 2017

Where's the Mardi Gras re-cap?

This way to parade

Y'all I really want to puke out my parade notes onto the internet because, as always, there are a lot. But there hasn't been a whole lot of time.  This is partially because we podcasted most of it Saturday night. Editing that alone has been enough of a chore. Here's part one. And here is part two. Part three is still forthcoming!   There's also been the matter of "curating" and tagging 700 photos from the season (which are here, btw some of them are good.) If I get a chance to write up something substantial, this weekend I'll do that.

Otherwise, you're stuck with "Rex Duke" which is, itself, something of a disappointment this year for eschewing the old parade ratings system.   They try to pass this decision off as some sort of half-woke class consciousness but, really, they're just afraid of dealing with the feedback. Besides, there's no need to compare a fun little day parade like, say, King Arthur, directly with the sort of spectacle Bacchus can afford to put on. One would think "Rex Duke's" five crown rating system could easily take this into account. Both of those parades can be rated the same number of crowns based on what each sets out to do.

I actually think about this every year when I rate parades. But, because I put all them together on one list, it doesn't necessarily come off that way. But that's fine because I think it's funnier. And anyway what I'm doing here is presenting a very subjective view based on one person's first hand experience of being at these events. Orpheus is ahead of Morpheus because, well, there is more to see in Orpheus, but also because my memories of Morpheus are far hazier.  But it should go without saying that they're all fun. Otherwise, what would be the point? Anyway here is this year's final parade list. Every uptown parade besides Mid-City and Okeanos are ranked.  Detailed explanations may or may not be forthcoming.
  1. Thoth
  2. Muses
  3. Orpheus
  4. Rex
  5. Proteus
  6. Zulu
  7. Tucks
  8. Bacchus
  9. D’Etat
  10. Hermes
  11. Iris
  12. Femme Fatale
  13. Babylon
  14. King Arthur
  15. Nyx
  16. Chaos
  17. Morpheus
  18. Pygmalion
  19. Pontchartrain
  20. Sparta
  21. Druids
  22. Carrollton
  23. Choctaw
  24. Alla
  25. Freret

Participation Trophies: Oshun and Cleopatra. For gamely rolling in a heavy downpour on a cold first Friday night.

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