Monday, March 27, 2017

It's good to have a hobby

OK now we're getting somewhere!
A would-be developer with his eye on the Six Flags site in New Orleans East is planning to step aside from that effort to launch a mayoral bid.

Frank Scurlock announced his candidacy last week in front of Armstrong Park as street performers danced in the background.

Scurlock is one of three bidders who have been seeking the right to redevelop the former Six Flags site, with plans to turn it back into an amusement park. The Industrial Development Board has been skeptical of all three proposals.
In addition to his multiple failed bids at the Six Flags site (including one that involved a "Noah's Ark" themed attraction) Scurlock is also known for his inherited wealth derived from his father’s invention of the "bounce house" and more recently for his bizarre skywriting stunts during Jazzfest.

During one round of Six Flags bidding, an IDB member called the proposals, including Scurlock's, "an insult to the people of New Orleans." Maybe a mayoral campaign is a way to make up for that by way of entertaining us. Or maybe it's more of the same.  In any case, it's hard to figure that there'd be room for both Scurlock and Sidney Torres in the same field. Maybe that's why the bounce house king is trying to get the.. um... jump on Sidney by getting in early.

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