Thursday, March 02, 2017

Locker room talk

In addition to being stupid, mean, and misogynistic, it's also not funny. Does Cedric write his own jokes? There's plenty of ripe material besides this rotten low hanging fruit.
Conway's fair game on any number of fronts. She's the one who first asserted President Donald Trump's right to peddle "alternative facts." She's the one who shamelessly and unethically used her position to shill for her boss's daughter's clothing line. She's the one who was photographed recently kneeling casually on a couch in the Oval Office while Trump was posing with officials from historically black colleges and universities.
There's plenty enough reasons to despise Kellyane Conway. Cedric must not be familiar with them.  Grace is spot on to point out the unmistakable similarity between this and similar behavior in Trump. There's a tone deafness common to bullies that causes them to say and do stupid, and mean things and mistake that for comedy or, at least, for some sort of profound commentary.  At the end of the day, though, they're just excited for a chance to be assholes. Maybe that's all they care about.

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