Friday, October 17, 2014

We should name it Thomas Friedman Lane

"The next six months will be crucial"  for this bike lane.
Baronne Street in the Central Business District will have a bike lane starting Dec. 1. The lane will remain for at least six months as officials study its impact along the corridor.
Because after we re-stripe the road and leave it like that for half a year... I'm sure going back and undoing all that will be no big deal.. you know, if we want. 

Also, not sure why McClendon gets away with putting an outright lie into his story.
City traffic engineers have said that the impact on vehicle traffic should be minimal, though that is hotly disputed by some businesses who say it will be a disaster.
Nope! Utter bullshit.
One day before Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration presented a plan to reduce vehicular traffic along Baronne Street to one lane and to add a dedicated bike lane, the city’s chief traffic engineer said he didn’t think it was a good idea.

Allen Yrle, in at least two emails to his boss, Public Works Department Director Mark Jernigan, said he disagreed with a city-commissioned study that concluded the loss of a lane wouldn’t have a significant negative impact on traffic. Yrle recommended that the city keep two lanes of vehicular traffic on Baronne, a one-way street, and install a shared bike lane instead.

“The analyses done show unacceptable levels of service at the Poydras/Baronne and Howard/Baronne intersections with the proposed lane reduction,” Yrle wrote in an email dated Sept. 16.

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