Saturday, October 11, 2014

How do you fake memorialize that which is not yet dead?

Somewhat incoherent protest
While the Louisiana Legislature started considering potential marijuana reform earlier this year, and New Orleans has taken small steps to change how marijuana users are penalized, marijuana's "prohibition" remains. Several groups, however, will take to the streets of the French Quarter Oct. 11 to welcome the end of anti-marijuana laws.

The Louisiana Cannabis Coalition, Louisiana Herbs and the LSU Chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy host a "jazz funeral" for marijuana prohibition Oct. 11. The march begins at 3 p.m. at Canal and Bourbon streets. At 4 p.m., it moves from Bourbon to St. Ann Street and ends at Jackson Square, where the rally continues until 7 p.m.
I know I read some blurb this week about NOPD continuing to favor arrests in weed possession cases despite the option to issue summons.  But I can't remember where I read this.  Instead here is a story where New York cops prefer pistol whipping.

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