Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Bobby Jindal declares victory in his long standing mission to bring Louisiana back to the Gilded Age.
“Today, Louisiana is the epicenter of an industrial renaissance surpassing anything we’ve witnessed since perhaps the industrial revolution in 19th-century America,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said Monday.
And he's right about that.  Louisiana is seeing an industrial boolet of sorts.  And we are combining it with massive cuts to public educationhealth care services, and worker benefits.  We don't believe in evolution.  We don't think of women as people.

And, of course, the "industrial renaissance" is predicated on granting tax privileges to multibillion dollar corporations to fill our air and water with poison. 
The company will qualify for Louisiana’s new Competitive Projects Payroll Incentive, which would provide up to a 15 percent payroll rebate for each GTL job, and Quality Jobs Program, which would give up to a 6 percent payroll rebate for each ethane cracker job, for up to 10 years. Sasol is expected to use the state’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program for both the ethylene and GTL facilities.
We're definitely bringing back all the old time religion.  Congratulations, Bobby.

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