Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Depression must have been just lovely

Look how well everybody ate.
October 17, 6:30-9PM at Southern Food and Beverage Museum– “Days of Dust” kick-off party will feature an Americana string trio band, Todd Day Waits’ Pigpen, playing Depression-era music, as well as a talk by Southern Food and Beverage Museum’s Director Liz Williams about the Depression, food concerns and “The Grapes of Wrath” as experienced in New Orleans.  We’ll eat like folks did here in New Orleans during the Depression that night-white beans and shrimp, cornbread, and bread pudding!
During the Depression, times were actually a lot harder than this.  I've even read that some of the big museum catered parties back then had to serve the white beans with ham hocks instead of shrimp. One wonders how we even survived.

This is part of a wider NEA event called The Big Read where a community is encouraged to hold a series of events themed around a specific book.  This year they're doing Grapes of Wrath, obviously.  That Uptown Messenger article linked above will tell you about some of the other events. 

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