Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Everybody hates Bobby

Or as Colbert put it last night, "'No One' is more popular" than Bobby Jindal.

Meanwhile, Lamar conducted an interview with Mary Landrieu this week which he is chopping up into shorter issue-specific posts. The first one is about health care and, of course, Bobby Jindal's miserable health care policies.

Lamar: So what can be done to convince voters that the law is not perfect but still in the state’s best interest and related to that, just speak a little bit about Medicaid expansion because, you know, we’re still one of the few states that’s still holding out on this, and it seems like every day you read a story about how our health care system is in crisis in Louisiana. And recently there was that story about the Office of Group Benefits and state retirees potentially losing some of their health care benefits. Just curious if you could talk a little bit about the economic and moral consequences of refusing to expand Medicaid and more broadly the Affordable Care Act.

Landrieu: OK. It’s a big question, so let’s start with Medicaid first. Independent analysis has shown that the State of Louisiana and Governor Jindal have refused about $16 billion in support for the health care industry, meaning that he has said no to jobs and growth and development, because that is what expanding health insurance to people who work with 100% federal support would do.

Independent studies show that it would create 15,000 jobs. It would sustain thousands of other jobs. And it would impact our economy in a ten-year period at $16 billion in a positive way.
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