Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Uh oh

Shake-up in Mary-land.
WASHINGTON -- Facing the toughest battle of her political career, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., is replacing her campaign manager and bringing in experienced hands from her previous three successful Senate runs to help with the final push for the Nov. 4th open primary.

Campaign staffers confirmed the changes on Wednesday.

Adam Sullivan, who had been campaign manager, is leaving that role but continuing as an advisor to the campaign.
They don't say way Sullivan was demoted.  Of course it isn't as big a mystery as what happened to Khairi Fortt but some people might want to know.  Anyway who did she hire?
He has been replaced as campaign manager by Ryan Berni, who ran Mayor Mitch Landrieu's successful February, 2014 re-election campaign and previously served as the mayor's communications director. Mitch Landrieu is Sen. Landrieu's brother. Berni also served as chief of staff to James Carville, the Democratic consultant  and currently Tulane University political science professor.

Norma Jane Sabiston, Landrieu's former chief of staff, who was a key player in her three previous Senate races, is joining the current campaign team as a senior advisor. Sabiston is taking a leave from her public affairs consulting firm, Sabiston Consulting.
So it's a two-for-one deal.  Seems like there's some value in that.  As long as Berni doesn't bring that terrible "Pressing On" ad Mitch's campaign ran incessantly, things should go smoothly... or at least... better than they had been.

Not that they had been going badly!  The Landrieu campaign does not want you to say things were going badly.  Do not write that they were. They would like you to write this instead.
"As Sen. Landrieu has done in all of her races, she is bringing on some of her long-time and trusted advisers to assist during the last month of the race to lead us to victory on Nov. 4," said Landrieu campaign spokesman Fabien Levy.
Is this true?  I don't seem to recall Mary having made a tradition of firing her campaign manager to kick off the final month of each election.  I tried using the Google to see if that helped but, no.  If someone knows something it doesn't please say so.  


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