Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Broken ceiling theory of crime fighting

Current and future Police Chief Michael Harrison has some sort of point here, I think... possibly.
Harrison, who has been making the rounds of churches and community groups with the mayor, said he’ll focus on relationships within and outside law enforcement, “building the ones that were never built and repairing the ones that were broken.”

Flanked by his wife, Harrison said, “I think I’m the poster child that there’s no more glass ceiling.”
So congratulations to Mr. Harrison on becoming the first female Chief of Police. His wife must be very proud to flank him.  

Anyway, if you're worried about damage to the ceiling you should know that he is also working on getting that fixed first.
He said he aims to build manpower in the department, reduce crime and murders, revive a community policing initiative that has waned with the manpower shortage, comply with the demands of the consent decree and build more career development avenues within the force.

We are rebuilding the NOPD from the top down,” he said.
Gotta love a guy (gal, perhaps, though. don't be so closed-minded) who knows how to build down.  

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Rudolph said...

When I read things like "His wife must be very proud to flank him," I wonder why I've fallen off reading your clever blog.