Friday, October 24, 2014

The Saints' last and best hope

Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram's teammates carried the load for him while he missed three games with a fractured bone in his hand.

On Sunday, he'll have the opportunity to return the favor.

Ingram is back at the forefront of the New Orleans Saints' running game after injuries sidelined Pierre Thomas and Khiry Robinson.

"A couple guys are down, so I've got to step up and pull my weight and do my job," Ingram said Friday.
One weird-ass football season.  I'm still stupidly optimistic about things.  The whole NFC South is a mess.  The Saints, despite some glaring weaknesses and a disturbing pattern of crucial mistakes by the quarterback, still do several things well enough that we can reasonably argue they are the best team in their crappy division.

Still... they might want to start fast this weekend. Otherwise that Superdome crowd could get a little spooky.

Who can boo?

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