Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's like a TV timeout

Or maybe one of those stoppages in play so we can get the crazy fans who stormed the field (Robert Adley, Garett Graves, Bobby Jindal)  rounded up.  Whatever it is, we're taking a breather.
The New Orleans levee authority on Thursday passed a resolution to consider placing a 45-day pause on its lawsuit against about 100 oil, gas and pipeline companies. The authority said the pause would let the group work further with the governor’s office and set up “a task force to examine and review all ramifications of the lawsuit.“

The levee authority also passed a resolution reaffirming its resolve to continue with the lawsuit, claiming that oil, gas and pipeline companies are contributing to land loss and erosion. If the levee authority is victorious, companies would be required to repair any wetland damage that increases the risk of hurricane storm surges overtopping local levees.
The "four hour closed door session" with Graves must have been exhausting.  Anybody would want to take a break after that. Still it's good to see they're all resolute in reaffirming their resolve to continue and all.

In my opinion, John Barry has been pretty careful and reasonable in his public statements since the suit was filed.  He also sounds like he knows he's played a strong card.
But Barry and other authority commissioners said they respect Jindal and his office’s work in coastal restoration issues and would prefer to move forward with Jindal’s office if it finds a better way to work with the oil and gas companies.

“If someone can prove that there is a better path, then I would withdraw the lawsuit without a second thought,” Barry said.

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