Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Announcing complete? Announce is complete? Announce incomplete? What?

Jerry Romig to retire as Saints public address announcer
NEW ORLEANS - Jerry Romig, the iconic voice of the New Orleans Saints for nearly all of the team’s history, as public address announcer inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, will retire from his post this week, his family confirmed.

His last game will be Friday’s preseason matchup against the Oakland Raiders, according to his daughter, Mary Beth, who has accompanied her father to his post in the broadcast booth for most of his 44 seasons in the position.
That's 44 years of saying into a microphone what is happening in football games. Kind of a strange thing to be known for. I'll never forget Jerry Romig's trademark sayings. "First down, Saints" "Stand Up And Get Crunk" "Wheee! Football!"  "Every day I want to cry" and so on.

My favorite Romig moment last season came late in the Bucs game. The Bucs were mounting a last minute drive in a despreate attempt to avoid being shut out by the worst defense in NFL history. During a break in action, the whole stadium could hear Romig saying, "Keep the shutout, guys," into a mic he didn't realize was live.  They did keep the shutout.  It was fun.

Earlier today we were speculating about possible replacements but apparently this is an inherited office

So Saints games will sound a little different now.   What will football even be like when fans in the building are able to audibly distinguish completed passes from the other kind?

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