Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Bigger than Texas"

As expected, the legislative hearing on the SLPFA-East lawsuit was like a comedy sketch about just how thoroughly the oil and gas industry owns the state government.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the write-ups look like but the tweets and blurbs were amusing.

For example, this is from Bob Marshall's live-blogging of the hearing at The Lens's site.
Garret Graves, head of state's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and an opponent of the suit, is now up. 

He begins by pointing out that the law creating CPRA says it has oversight over levee districts and boards. He says the state had a growing delta until the 1920s, and had that been unimpeded we would have a state bigger than Texas.
Surely that can't be what he said.  Marshall must have condensed or mistyped it or something.   But it was so bizarre that  people were all like, WHAT?

But then others were all like, YUP.

Ok, then. 

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