Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do something nice for someone on 8/29

Red Cross could always use some help.

So could Habitat.

We're all pretty familiar with a range of organizations who do good work during disasters. Pick your favorite.

Or you could help with Deb's medical fund which I understand will be an ongoing need for some time.

Here's something she wrote this week which kind of dovetails with what I was just talking about in the previous post.
Governments are only as effective as the communities that watch them. People scream for an end to violence, but shrug and take another bite of their po’ boy sandwich when they hear that $6 million was squandered on a development that never got off the ground, or on some program that was supposed to address crime but never resulted in one conviction. If the people voting leaders into power do not demand accountability, who will?
By the way, Deb Cotton is scheduled to be the featured speaker at this year's Rising Tide Conference.

RT was itself born as a response to the flooding of New Orleans after Katrina and remains dedicated to the idea that communities should watch their governments.   This year's conference is scheduled for September 14.  That seems like a lot further away from now than it is but it will be here soon.  There will be some program announcements in the coming days. But since you guys are loyal followers of this dumb little blog, I can tell you that inside sources say what you don't see on the schedule yet will include discussions on problems of transparency in the charter school system as well as New Orleans's  relationship with its tourism industry.

Anyway the conference is always a good deal (includes lunch!) and is a great way to meet and work with other civic-minded New Orleanians. Consider giving it a look.

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