Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Katrina Index 8

Download GNOCDC's report here from their website.

You can't find the report in the Advocate article that describes it because, apparently, their internet website "doesn't have a linking system" Another way John Geroges is bringing the print news expereicene back to New Orleans, I guess.

Anyway, there are different ways to read this report. But the things that jump out at me are the repeated cautions about unevenness of what we have come to call our "recovery" along racial and class lines.  
All of the progress the New Orleans metro makes in other arenas will not be enough to signal to the world the emergence of a qualitatively different place post-Katrina if large segments of the population continue to be left behind
Obviously there is still money pouring in to New Orleans. Unfortunately most of us perceive that investment in the form of higher prices for housing and services.  The city is being rebuilt.  It's just being rebuilt for and by the wealthy.

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