Friday, August 09, 2013

Kicking you off the internet

We're beginning to get a clearer picture of why Rodney Alexander retired from elected office.  Apparently there's too much democracy involved.
But also, in an interview with Zach Parker of the Ouachita Citizen, he spoke of the problem he had with social media (Facebook, etc) and non-traditional news outlets such as blogs.

Said Alexander, “The Facebook and all of that — people who are not necessarily in the news business — are driving what people do, and at times, that’s had a very negative impact on how the Congress operates.”
When they retire in exasperation over the lack of "civility" what they really mean is there is too much unapproved participation coming from  the unwashed. But they're working on fixing that.

Update: Jesus it's even worse than I thought. See Bob Mann.

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