Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Master plan changes

City Planning Commission today
The City Planning Commission on Tuesday (Feb. 7) will consider a wide range of proposed changes to the city's five-year-old master plan with a goal of refocusing the vision for New Orleans on the longer-term future and away from Hurricane Katrina recovery.

The master plan, approved in 2010, was designed to take the city through 2030. But the Planning Commission opened the plan up to public input for changes, now that the city has reached a decade post-Katrina. "While disaster recovery was the immediate priority, the need to plan for the city's long-term future is also necessary," the commission's guide for the master plan amendment process says.

The City Planning Commission will consider 121 proposed amendments Tuesday.  You can read all of the proposals here, and here's a look at just a select few

You can click through to NOLA.com for their selected highlights.  You can also see Pat's many comments on the amendments in this series of posts here and here and here. We, ourselves, piggybacked off of Pat's and Keith Twitchell's comments a few months ago merely to note that the thrust in general here is away from democratic processes of community engagement and toward a more top-down developer driven decision matrix.  When City Hall talks about doing better "customer service" these are the people they think of as their "customers."

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