Saturday, February 25, 2017

March of the Chads

Not many people know this but there is an actual #KreweOfChad parade.  It kicks off every year at about 2:00 PM on the Saturday before Mardi Gras when the Chads stationed along the Uptown parade route begin migrating en masse down to see Endymion.  If you want to see them all you have to do is turn around and watch the opposite side of St. Charles for a while during Tucks.

Krewe of Chad parade

Krewe of Chad doesn't throw much but they do leave a distinctive trail behind them.  These red Solo cups strewn about the street are their version of the Tucks TP streamers seen also below.

After Chad

Rolled Avenue

Chad probably won't be your favorite parade. But it's worth knowing about. Consider it another in the grand tapestry of spectacles one happens upon during these days of Carnival climax.  For example, on Friday night, after the parades had ended, Menckles and I sat out on the stoop and watched the neighborhood reverberate in their wake.  The Krewe Of Municipal Vehicles (file photo 2009) clanged and banged and bulldozed the streets clean again. The rented out house across the street hosted a party well into the night. It provided the background music as a neighbor loaded (with some difficulty) several bags of aluminum cans she had collected into the back of a vintage Ford Aerostar.

As for the Chads, themselves, they will be back. Those among them who aren't arrested, run over, or shot by a Port-O-Let tonight will be back in position Uptown tomorrow morning.  We'll do our best to entertain them.

Thoth Brew

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