Tuesday, February 14, 2017

All they care about is being 'Merican

Every top level Trump adviser or cabinet member is somewhere on the scale of criminal-to-supervillain. But it's interesting that the "Resistance" only cares about the "traitor."

Puzder is a sexual abuser who is part of a pro-slavery lobby.

DeVos wants to eliminate public schools. Her brother owns a private army.

Sessions is pretty much a Klansman.

Mnuchin financed Batman vs Superman

But the one that establishment Democrats really want to focus on is the "traitor" so they can all puff up and be super 'Merican about it. Why is this the thing they care about?

It's because their actual constituency is comprised of millionaires and billionaires who care about "stability" and "security" (for themselves and their money anyway) but not so much about basic rights for working people. But you knew that. 

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