Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who makes them? Who paid for them? How much do they cost?

None of those questions are asked by this article. Not enough room with all the stupid, I guess.
Trucks and taxis clattered across a 20-foot steel mechanism on Bienville Street in the French Quarter Tuesday (Feb. 21), less than a block from Bourbon Street. The device, which stretches from curb to curb, includes a deployable wedge-shaped wall that is meant to block traffic when it's raised, and protect pedestrians from possible terrorist attacks
Enjoy the security theater.  Meanwhile, we're "keeping you safe" by restricting your movements, putting you under surveillance, and making sure there's no reason for you to be out past, say, 3 AM... or midnight if we can help it.

Thanks to MaCCNO for paying attention, at least.  Apparently nobody else is.

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